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Lower urinary tract symptoms

More often than not growing age is accompanied by urination problems. Every third male Austrian suffers from these health problems, which means that more than 300 000 are afflicted.

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The carcinoma of the prostate

The malignant disease of the prostate (carcinoma of the prostate) is the most frequent tumour of men. With 200 out of 100 000 afflicted this tumour is a real medical challenge and has got to be especially focussed on by med care.

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The urologist’s role in the medical care area

It is a fact almost unknown that urological diseases may afflict people at every age from childhood on, which is why both men and women ought to remain under the urologist’s watchful eye throughout their lives.

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Male sexual dysfunction

There are basically five categories:

The dysfunctional

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New surgical method on bladder tumours at the „Wiener Privatklinik“

Bladder tumours are the eleventh most common tumours world-wide and with an incidence of 8.9 out of 100.000 men and 2.2 out of 100.000 women respectively they prove to be gender-linked considerably still.

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Interdisciplinary co-operation

Throughout years I have frequently realized that that some certain disease pattern can have a wide variety of causes which need not necessarily be urological ones.

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