Disease patterns

Typical aging man afflictions

In my urological and andrological surgery I have specialized among other things on the aging man’s afflictions. Within my everyday medical routine I keep being confronted with typical problems of advanced age which I would like to give you an informative preview for. It goes without saying that this can neither be all-comprising nor can it replace a thorough patient-doctor consultation in my surgery.

Essential individual consultation

In case the one or other affliction should ail you, do not hesitate to consult me. Only after this individual consultation or, if need be, necessary check-ups which I will inform you about in detail, does it make sense to carry out some thorough analysis of the reasons why on the one hand and make a situational assessment concerning a potential treatment on the other.

Typical assessment of afflictions or symptoms

Urination problems

  • How often a night do you have to urinate?
  • Is there some after dripping following urination?
  • Have you got difficulties in controlling the desire to void your bladder?
  • Have you got the feeling you cannot entirely void your bladder?
  • Is your urinary stream weak?


Hand to heart – you don’t mind suffering from one of these?

It’s a generally observed symptom with elder men to experience a benign growth of the prostate. Histopathological examination shows that changes occur here from age 40 onwards.

In old age such urinating troubles as frequent urges to void the bladder, a weakened urinary stream or frequent night-time urination may occur.

All of these can, but do not necessarily have to turn up in connection with benign changes of the prostate. What may as well cause these very symptoms are changes within the bladder or medication by-effects.

Because of my long-term expertise in this field of medicine I am capable of finding therapies geared to your needs. My surgery offers all the necessary diagnostic equipment.
If need be, surgical treatment can, of course, be carried out, too. The most up-to-date resectional method (bipolar resection) will be used.

Problems concerning your sexual life?

  • Have you got troubles keeping up erection?
  • Have you got general erection problems?
  • Have these had a negative impact on your partnership yet?
  • Are you perhaps suffering from diabetes?


You are not the only one!

Approximately 50% of men from age 50 onwards do experience these problems and many of them do not frankly talk about them for pure shame. There is a 10% increase of these numbers every decade.

Why don’t you speak out? Modern medication offers help geared to your needs with the aim of giving you back an enjoyable love life. This medication is safe and there is only a limited number of indications that would rule out its use altogether.

It is not only tablets we can resort to here but there are a number of additional supportive measures available.

Carcinoma of the prostate

  • Have you been to a preventive check-up yet?
  • Is a close relative suffering from such a carcinoma?


Let me give you the broadest information you can possibly get regarding possible risks!

Along with the carcinoma of the lungs the one of the prostate is one of the most frequent diseases of the man aged 50 and beyond. According to the Austrian Statistical Institute almost 5000 men are afflicted in Austria on an annual basis. Both the general origin and potential risk factors still go undiscovered.

By way of preventive examination it is possible to discover this malign tumour in time, the aptness of a therapy, of course, depending on both tumour spread and the histopathological result. What can be done here is to actively supervise the tumour, to use radiotherapy or else carry out surgical treatment of the carcinoma of the prostate.

Based on my long-term expertise in this field which is mirrored and well-documented in my scientific publications we will have a detailed pre-treatment consultation about your disease followed by a geared-to-your-needs therapy. It goes without saying that I personally can operate upon you or else refer to radiotherapy.

Urological emergencies

  • Is your urine visibly accompanied by blood?
  • Do you experience sudden testicular pain?
  • Do you experience colicky pain or nausea?
  • Does urination fail completely?


Do contact me urgently!

Symptoms of this kind are among the most frequently occurring urological emergencies which have got to be attended to immediately. My secretary can be reached Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 to 20:00.