• Confidence, confidentiality an accredited competence
    I will take as much time as is needed for you and your health problems
  • Top level medical attendance
    You will receive optimal treatment of your afflictions

Typical afflictions

Being a specialist with many years of medical experience I have gathered profound knowledge of many typical symptoms which I thus can treat in the best possible ways

Up-to-date surgeries

You are offered wide range urological and andrological attendance from the very beginning

Your urological and andrological specialist in Vienna/Austria

Welcome to my website that should give you a clear insight into my services and range of support in connection with urological matters on the one hand and andrological ones on the other.

As a specialist in these fields of medicine I offer you competent treatment of all the diseases and symptoms concerning the bladder, the kidneys and the urethra as well as of functional sexual disorders of men especially in a most competent way based on current scientific standards.

All of these are still such areas as we do not like to talk about. I will provide you with professional advice and attend to you in a most competent and confidential way as well as in line with current medical standards.

My special field of knowledge – afflictions of men in their declining years

Andrology concerns both the male reproductive functions and their disorders and can therefore be called the equivalents of gynaecology. Frequent afflictions are, among sexually communicable diseases, premature ejaculation, infertility and vasectomy, and erectile dysfunctions in the first place.

Non-SHI accredited doctor of your choice – No health insurance contracts/ refunding (partly) possible

In both my surgeries I work as a private or non-SHI accredited doctor of your choice and thus do not have any contracts with the various health insurance companies. Under certain conditions you can be refunded a (major) part of the medical fee. For more information see menu item "Surgeries".



Our services for you

Highest competence

In my surgery you will always get up-to-date medical advice and treatment.


In my surgery I have recourse to the most up-to-date medical equipment that enables me to diagnose precisely a great variety of afflictions.

Content patients

Not only do we devote ample time to you personally and your problems, but we will always also treat you with kindness, discretion and true empathy.