Modern urological surgery in Vienna’s 9th district

My main surgery in the Viennese Lazarettgasse offers up-to-date check-ups and treatments within quiet as well as pleasant surroundings.

No matter whether preventive type examinations or a long-term therapy must be carried out, my best-equipped surgeries do not only enable me to establish more precise basics indispensible to a more precise diagnosis or the implementation of minimally invasive methods, but they additionally mean an efficient reduction of by-effects for you. Furthermore, all treatments necessary ranging from ambulatory to in-patient ones are available.


Short notice appointments

We will always be pleased to answer your questions and see to your health troubles of whichever urological and andrological nature they may be. In most cases you can ring us for a short notice appointment in connection with some necessary treatment or examination. Be sure I will devote ample time to a therapeutical or examinational conversation.

Private or non-SHI accredited doctor’s surgery

As I do not work on a contract-basis with any of the health insurance companies you come to my surgery as a private patient, which does not automatically mean you have to bear full costs of my doctor’s fee. Once you have been to one of my surgeries you will receive a fee note you pay in full. You can ask for its refunding at your health insurance company.

Refunding of fees

Insurance companies refund 80% of a fee charged by a non-SHI accredited doctor, which is exactly what they pay to a panel doctor. Calculation of refunding depends on those medical services which can be found in the fee overview of the respective group of specialists. Please mind there can be higher charges on my fee note than amounts refunded! For further information please consult the website of the “Wiener Ärztekammer”. We do, of course, readily advise you individually on how to apply for such refunding with your insurance company. JUST DO ASK US!

Private health insurance – setting off against tax liability

In case you are privately insured you can get back the money you have not been refunded by your health insurance company. Please mind that you might have to deduct a patient’s contribution here. Please contact your insurance company for any further information! Pending certain requirements these costs may be tax deductible. For further details please contact your tax authorities or your tax accountant.

We would be glad to help and to advise you in all these matters - just get in touch!