A convincingly wide range of services

Full urological and andrological competence

You will be offered competent care for all urological and andrological afflictions in my surgery and the neighbouring Private Hospital Vienna concerning in the first place

  • - urinary tract infections or stone disease
  • - incontinence
  • - irritable bladder or bedwetting
  • - problems with erection and potency
  • - urological check-up
  • - complementary medical procedures and phytotherapy


Medical check-ups and operations

For the sake of limiting various reasons for afflictions and disease patterns and in order to evaluate apt treatment including operations I additionally carry out a number of check-ups – along with clarification by means of clinical examination.

Sonography check-ups

  • - sonography of the kidneys and the bladder
  • - small part Sonography of testicals and penis
  • - endosonographie – transrectal sonography of the prostate

Endoscopic check-ups

  • - urethrocystoscopy, flexible
  • - removal of ureterstents
  • - instillation of medications into the bladder


  • - uroflowmetry

Laboratory diagnostics (external laboratory)

  • - blood and urine analysis
  • - bacterial culture
  • - sperm analysis

Same-day surgery

  • - vasektomy
  • - minor operations in the genital area
  • - catheter exchange (both urinary and abdominal